Organizational Development & Psychology Consulting

This service includes specialized analysis, advisory and practical help for firms and organizations, that want to cut the costs and to increase their effectivity. The service also includes a help for individuals, who want to solve their specific problems, having arrised from psychic and/or psychosomatic sources.


Main focus:


  • managerial and leadership methods

  • quality and process improvement and optimization

  • production effeciency (both series and customized production)

  • hiring and recruitment (Czech republic, Poland)

  • marketing and sales (for some commodities)

  • personal psychological advisory

  • psychosomatic reasons of deseases

  • transaction analysis and behavior adjustment

  • identification of harmful programs


  • 25 years experience in managerial and leading positions in various industrial fileds

  • Adequate education and training with long term application and practice experiences

  • Successful achieving of demanding goals and targets

  • Number of positive references from various companies (see Refe rence)

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